Baby Swings A Must-Have Gear!

If you are planning to buy a baby swing for your little one, then make sure you go through the below-mentioned features, which make any baby swing exciting and reliable. If you want to know about the baby swings available on the market, then for that, you need to read the reviews of best baby swings by consumer reports. Here are must-have baby swing features that you should consider while buying a baby swing:

Stability – Your baby swing should have a wide base and low center of gravity because this combination won’t let the baby swing tip over if your baby leans too far in one direction.

Seat Belts – It is important for you to check if the baby swing has a 5-point harness, just like the best convertible car seat. This will prevent the kid from sliding out of the baby swing.

Battery Vs. Wind-Up – The latter is less expensive, but its mechanism is very noisy. Whereas, a battery-operated baby swing is easier to operate and features more speeds and music settings to cheer up the baby’s mood.

Speed – At times, your baby would like to be rocked gently, especially when he/she is fussy. So, make sure to buy a baby swing that has at least a couple of speed levels.

Sounds – Babies like music, and many have their own preferences for music, so make sure to buy a baby swing that is equipped with multiple songs and lullabies.

Recline – If you can find a baby swing with a recline feature, then it’ll be great for your baby who can’t hold his/her head up or slouch forward.

Open Top – A baby swing with an open-top allows you to lift your baby out of the swing without bumping his/her head on the upper bar.

Flip-Out Tray – You should also look for a flip-out or fold-up tray, which allows your baby to be removed gently with fewer chances of scraping his/her legs on the tray.

Toy Bars – Look for a baby swing that is equipped with lights, sounds, toy bars, and mobiles, and other features to keep your baby entertained.

Portability – If you can find a baby swing, which is portable, then you can manage your baby a lot easier in parks or anywhere outside.

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