Bird Of Paradise Plants For Your Garden

The stunning and bright flowers of paradise will add a hot tropical color to your vase or landscape. This attractive plant. The flowers look like birds in flight or elaborately folded origami sculptures. The spiked petal explosion also mimics the crowned stork's head, leading to its other common name, the stork flower. Whatever you call it, this bloomer is gorgeous. You can also shop online bird of paradise plants from online website to enhance your house beauty.

white bird of paradise plant

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The color is usually a combination of blue and orange and is very similar to the feathers that form on a bird's head. The base of the plant can reach a diameter of more than one meter at the base and up to 2 meters in height. Therefore, keep these extreme measures in mind when planting these plants next to other plants or garden dividers. 

If you want a blooming bird of paradise, place the plant in full sun. On the other hand, if you want stunning greenery, place these plants in the shade. This plant likes good watering, so keep the water beside the plant during the hot summer months by watering vigorously twice a week. 

However, do not expose the plant to frost as it will most likely kill the plant. For best results, fertilize monthly with a liquid solution, or at least a small amount of blood and bone. A lot of times you can't fertilize and these plants will do just fine on their own, but if you want to get the most out of your plants.

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