Building a Powerful and Popular Bot For Facebook

A new bot is on the way that will revolutionize the face of Facebook Chatbot services. Simply put, this bot understands what a customer is asking and then can formulate an appropriate answer in a much more humane fashion than a computer ever could. As you'll see, these automated bots have the potential to totally revolutionize the face of online marketing, customer support, and sales as we know it, and for your business's sake, as well. Before this new technology, the field of the chat was largely limited to spamming.

The Facebook Chatbot will be allowing companies to utilize artificial intelligence in order to better serve their customers. These bots will be able to sort through various messages and then automatically reply to customers that they deem appropriate. Additionally, this system will also be allowing robots to be able to browse through different chats in order to determine which one has the most relevant content.

In a sense, this system is acting as a sort of web browsing program for customers. However, the real advancement here is in the area of artificial intelligence. This new program will allow marketers to use their Messenger Bot experience as a means to better analyze customer service needs, as well as use this knowledge to make better decisions in regards to the messaging apps they're using.

For instance, a customer service bot may be used to monitor and respond to commonly asked questions. If a customer service representative does not answer a question related to a product or service within 30 seconds or so, the bot will make an assessment of the representative's customer service skills. Based on this assessment, the bot will either (a) change the message to another that is more relevant or (b) suggest a follow-up question that the representative should answer. By monitoring customer service performance in this manner, marketers can see how representatives handle customers who do not immediately have a clear idea about a product or service. They can also use the information here to fine-tune future customer service programs.

As mentioned above, the Messenger Bot was developed by a team of IT professionals from Yahoo! Answers. The bot store was developed by analysts who are currently working on creating and refining different components that will help the Messenger Bot function more effectively.

This new Facebook Messenger Bot is just the first step in what is sure to be a sea change in the way consumers communicate with their providers. With Facebook's other messaging apps like Facebook Instant and Facebook Explore, there is no telling how big this market will truly be. While it is difficult to say whether or not this will be a billion users, it is safe to say that this could well be nearing that mark given how fast chatty Americans are growing up. With so many messaging apps already available, it is possible that there will be plenty of competition for just a few remaining customers.

In order for Messenger Bots to succeed and become hugely popular, they need to be more than simply simple bots that perform basic functions. As we mentioned above, Facebook has made a lot of money off of advertising revenue, but it does not mean that the company will rely on Messenger Bots solely to attract advertisers. There are still certain areas where text-based bots are better suited. For instance, it would make little sense to sell image credits to Facebook users, as not everyone has access to standard web browsers. As a result, image credit sales will likely only amount to a small percentage of the revenue generated from all messaging apps.

For marketers interested in introducing a bot to boost sales, they need to look beyond the typical social media platforms to Messenger Bots. Since most of Facebook's user base is younger than thirty, Manychat users and younger users will be the demographic Bot is targeted at. Facebook has already demonstrated that it wants to attract a younger audience and it is doing so by adding games like Polygons to its Facebook Home Page, along with a number of other social media tools that appeal to young users. With the addition of a Messenger Bot, it may be easy for Facebook to find new ways to attract younger audiences and increase the amount of money it earns from those audiences.

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