Clean Chewing Gum From Furniture Upholstery

You have kids – that's great! So, you may find many types of stains that your kids usually make on your favorite rugs, sofas, and curtains. Chewing gum is one of the species' favorite candies and may not be that popular with their parents.  You can search more details about chewing gum remover service via

Clean Chewing Gum From Furniture Upholstery

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Gums can create a sticky mess if they stick to furniture upholstery and can't be removed from surfaces simply by peeling them off. The pad fibers will automatically get into the rubber and additional dirt will also be attracted to the rubber surface.

However, the gums can be easily removed from the pads and cleaned as long as you follow the instructions that we have prepared for you.

Instructions for removing rubber from the lining

The first thing to do when handling gum on upholstered furniture is to harden the gum. To do this, you can use a box of compressed air and squirt gum until it freezes. Another way to harden gums is to apply ice cubes to the pads.

Place the sachet on the gum and let it sit for a few minutes until the gum has completely frozen. To speed up the process, you can put pressure on the bag.

If the gum freezes, try scraping the gum off the pad. Use a knife or grease spoon to remove chunks of gum, being careful not to damage the fabric. If it freezes, the rubber breaks easily into hardened pieces.

If you notice stains after the cleaning process, it's best to use a professional cleaning service to make sure the upholstery is completely clean.

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