Dry Chemical Fire Protection Systems

Industrial and commercial structures have distinct requirements for fire protection. In the case of fire prevention systems, we typically consider sprinkler systems. However, there are many different types that provide fire safety systems are in existence. 

For instance factories, factories, and other structures in the industrial industry are usually most effectively protected by Dry chemical systems for protection. You can also hire professionals for fire system inspection or custom fire and sprinkler service.

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Guarding your property against the risk of fire

Unfortunately, many building owners fail to take the appropriate steps to protect their buildings and their employees from the threat of fires. Fire can cause an unimaginable loss to a business or organization that can result in total or partial loss of property and threaten the lives of employees.

In most cases, the most devastating fires that strike industrial or commercial structures could have been avoided by a building with a sufficient fire suppression system. It is essential for property owners to install suppression systems to safeguard their investment against the threat of major damage caused by fire.

Dry Chemical Agents

Dry Chemical Suppression Systems function by covering the combustible surfaces with a dry chemical that shuts off the oxygen supply. Different types of fires react differently to different chemical agents. They include:

Multi-purpose agents that are multi-purpose. Chemical powders are typically yellow-colored and are suitable in a variety of classes of fires, such as Classes A, B, and C.

Standard agents. They are white and comprised of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. It is sometimes referred to as PK agents. This powder is a purple color and is composed of potassium bicarbonate. 

It is quick to extinguish the flames of liquid spills and is suitable to use in hazardous locations like chemical plants, refineries, and airports. They can be used with small extinguishers large fixed installations and mobile ones.

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