Everything You Need To Know About Hospitality Services

Many hotel managers strive to improve their service in the hopes that it will affect the perception of quality outside. Staff are often provided with unique, pressed uniforms and premium toiletries.

Recent studies and most consultants have found that add-ons are often expected to be included in quality establishments. If not managed properly, they can negatively impact quality. You can find the right hotel in Dana Point at https://www.marinashoreshotel.com/ as per your requirement.

A shampoo that dry out the hair and causes dandruff can affect the overall impression of a hotel. Same goes for a stained or worn uniform. If you provide these amenities well, guests won't be impressed. 

ADA wheelchair accessible room

Not Required – These are the items that a guest considers necessary to function. These are essential to the hotel's functionality and guests will immediately notice a difference. The failure to provide a basic cue will not be overcome by a lack of amenities. This includes linens in the bedrooms, towels in bathrooms, and a restaurant that is viable in the hotel.

Service guests want but may not need. Beautiful grounds or lobbies, indoor pools, 24-hour service, and so on. These items, even if they are present, won't improve your guests' perceptions. They might not consider using the pool, but they will be a negative impact on their ratings.

Passive – Your guests take these as a given. You accept credit cards and have hot water. Or heat/cool your rooms to make them comfortable.

These items are not noticed by guests and do not affect your service perception. However, if they lose their functionality, it will dramatically impact your quality perception.

Neutral – These items will not elicit praise or complaints. These include items that are beyond your control. Weather waits for elevators, a loud guest in the bar; all are noticed by your guests but normally not attributed negatively/positively to their experience at the hotel.

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