Extend The Life of A Paint Job With Power Washing

Power washing (also known as Pressure washing) is defined as the use of the wand, machine and water in order to spray the surface using high-pressured H2O, and sometimes chemicals to cleanse areas. It is a vital first step in getting ready to paint or stain any area of your home. 

Power Washing Overview

Power washing is a method of cleaning and preparing surfaces to be painted by removing dust as well as mildew, mold pollen, and pollutants. To get more details about power washing service you may see it here https://www.prohandymanmd.com/.

Power Washing

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Power washing can also eliminate the majority of chalk that might have occurred. The process of chalking is the natural degradation of the paint's surface by ultraviolet light from the sun.

The right pressure washer will guarantee the ideal surface preparation for painting projects on exteriors. A proper amount of pressure can clean any surface including wood without causing harm. Also, using the correct nozzle, you will maintain the right angle and direction of the water for every surface. 

Power Cleaning for the Exterior

The exterior of a home will be covered in dirt, mold or mildew, pollutant dust, pollen, and dust These all must be eliminated before applying two coats of paint of superior quality.

Cobwebs are a common sight in the areas of many homes. the majority of cobwebs and wasp nests will be removed by the power wash however, some will remain and it's the task of a skilled painter to eliminate them by hand prior to applying paint.

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