Have you considered a career in podiatry?

A career in podiatry is one thing that those thinking about their future may wish to consider. Podiatry is that occupation that is focused on the prevention and treatment of ailments of the foot and connected structures. Podiatric doctors use a variety of different medical, physical, pharmacological, biomechanical and surgical treatments to take care of virtually anything that may and does go wrong with the feet. The education to become a podiatrist is different from country to country with the degree being a 4 yr undergraduate degree in most places with post-graduate courses in areas of interest. In the USA it is a 4 yr post-graduate education followed with a 3 year residency. The range of practice and the number of years of education does vary a great deal around the world. A simple search online will turn up the information necessary for training in each country.

The long run for podiatry is probably excellent because of the aging populace and also the diabetes epidemic being fuelled by the obesity emergency. Those in the older age groups have a much greater prevalence of foot conditions, so as the populace ages, so too will the need for podiatrists. It's the same with the obesity problems that is leading to the greatly increased occurrence of diabetes. Those with diabetes are at a considerably greater risk for problems of the feet and also amputation, so in these people excellent foot care and podiatry management is necessary to prevent and treat these issues.

Podiatrists also work in lots of other various areas such as sports medicine and paediatrics. Here they use various treatment methods to prevent and treat problems of the feet and leg in athletes and children. Their part is invaluable in these groups. In rheumatology settings they are going to be working together with other health professionals to manage all the problems that happen in the feet of those with the various joint disease type conditions.


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