How Much Does A Funeral Cost?

It is probably the most frequently asked query I've been asked throughout my time as a funeral director. It's usually asked when I've been speaking to various groups, including classes at college and high school. This is a valid question that doesn't have an answer that is specific.

While I do not intend to avoid the question or appear elusive There are many factors that make up the price of a funeral and giving a single figure is not feasible. You can also confirm from experts via how much cremation costs.

how much does cremation cost

I'd like to provide the following description of the funeral structure pricing, which I hope will be helpful in understanding the procedure. From a financial perspective funerals can be classified into three categories:

Facilities, Services, and Equipment – This could include the professional services of the funeral director and his staff; utilization of equipment and facilities to facilitate visits and services, automobile equipment for transportation of the dead from the site of their death, embalming and other preparations like the casket, application of cosmetics and more.

Goods for sale – This class could include items that are which are available for purchase like vaults, caskets, cremation urns, DVDs, and a myriad of other things. All merchandise sold is susceptible to Illinois Sales Tax.

Cash advance items These are typically charges that aren't the responsibility of the funeral home instead, they come from other sources that contract to provide services that are ancillary to the funeral.

With this short outline in the mind- The price for a funeral will be the sole control of the person who is arranging the funeral. Funeral services can be as straightforward or as complex as you like.

Cash advance products are the only item that's fairly well-defined. In certain areas, ministerial and musical groups have set guidelines or standards for the services. Cemeteries have established fees for their services, and registrars determine fees for certified copies of death certificates.

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