How To Start A Flash Programmers For ARM MCUs Business

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a surge in the number of commercially available ARM MCUs. These ARM MCUs are used in industrial systems and are compatible with just about any type of digital technology. 

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However, many users have found that companies like Atmel, Arm, Cypress, Maxim Integrated, and Texas Instruments offer too few development tools for their needs. Some programmers require expensive professional software licensing or come without documentation – making them inaccessible to less-experienced developers.


Introduction to Flash Programmers For ARM MCUs is a blog written by the co-founder of a company that

sells flash programmers for ARM MCUs. The company introduced the concept of being profitable in a

recession to the public. This blog discusses how to start this business and provides insight into how

much money one could make from it.

What Can Flash Programmers Do?

Flash programmers can program and debug ARM MCUs. They are important for the manufacturer

because they have to make sure that every part of their product is perfect before it goes on the market.

They use flash programmers to test new products, update existing products, and debug product errors

when they occur.


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