Importance of Women Health

As states strive to improve their systems and look at how to cover more people through federal health reform, they have been focusing on the needs of different populations and their services. This is the third part of a series on women's health. 

It highlights common diseases and challenges for women, as well as opportunities to improve access and treatment. You can also get information about the womens health gp through

what to expect

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Women are more likely to access the health care system than men for their benefit and that of their children. Women often become pregnant after giving birth. This is a major health event that can have a profound impact on household health. 

Long-term and elder care issues are more common in women than men. They live longer, have higher rates for disability and chronic illnesses, and have lower-incomes, making them more dependent on state and community resources like Medicaid.

A woman's health is important throughout her life. It affects her family, friends, and the state budget. Legislators face tight budgets and changes in health laws, including the reality of implementing federal reforms under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

These discussions do not consider the needs of women, which can lead to states losing important opportunities to improve residents' health and create healthier communities.

Every woman should make women's health a priority in her life. Women must understand the benefits of regular well-woman checks. Sometimes, these checks can save lives.

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