Know About Hardwoods Uses

Hardwoods are divided into two groups: –

1. Tropical – It is of trees found in Central Africa, India, and South America and includes various types of teak, mahogany, and ebony.

2. Temperate – The varieties found in this group are oak, walnut, and ash are some temperate hardwood found in U.S.A, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Hardwood used for framing and in some form of veneer on the panel for interior finishing. Also, hardwoods like ash are suitable for curved framing members. If you are searching online for timber supplies then you can take a look here.

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Panels Produced

Plywood, block-board, chipboard, MDF and hardboard panels are often used as a substitute for solid wood panels and have many advantages. They can be obtained in a larger size, are often stronger and more stable, which means that labor costs can be reduced when compared to other methods that cover a wide area with the equivalent of a tongue and groove jointed lumber.


Plywood is made by gluing layers of veneer together at right angles to each other. This is to prevent splitting and greatly enhance the strength of the panel. Curved members can also be produced by putting a veneer on an appropriate mold or form before gluing.

Birch, ash, pine, and fir used in the manufacture of plywood but many other varieties used for the face side of the decorative panel. Plywood is obtainable in several thicknesses and sizes of the floor of the vehicle body can be made in one piece.


There are several boards manufactured utilizing solid wood core stock. One is the blocking board and consists of softwood glued together and faced with veneer wood like birch and mahogany. Large panels up to about 2 inches in thickness is produced and used on the floors and partitions.

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