Legal Marijuana Delivery Comes To Michigan

Recently, Michigan has started issuing home delivery of licenses to authorized supply centers, which enables employees to deliver medical marijuana directly to patients' homes.

This new development means that patients of medical marijuana can now use licensed medical marijuana transport service in Michigan to get their marijuana products. However, for patients without transportation or patients who can not travel due to illness, medical marijuana delivery is life-changing.

According to supply centers, Bylaw R 333.282, licensed must follow specific guidelines to provide home delivery services. These guidelines cover the following points:

  • Patient identification and access to online ordering systems
  • Requirements of the online ordering system
  • Recognition of patient information disclosure for home delivery services
  • Home delivery employee requirements
  • Confirm the patient's identity, address and the valid state of the patient
  • Documentation sales and daily limits / monthly
  • Requirements of transport vehicles, driver, product safety and security

In addition, the Regulatory Agency marijuana (MRA) has established a procedure checklist and daily newspaper to help document and monitor the required information.

Supply centers wishing to provide home delivery services must develop a procedure using the guidelines in the MRA checklist. However, these procedures must be reviewed and approved by LARA before the facility begins legal delivery service at home.

Patients are able to protect against illegal delivery by checking the address LARA card license active installations in Michigan. This includes licensed supply centers for home delivery.


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