Marvel Comic Books – A Reflection of Culture

Teens love superheroes. Before television, movies and the internet, paper comic books were very popular. These paperbacks were more than stories to comic book lovers. Comics often explored social, political, and societal thresholds. This was reflective of the time they were published. Marvel comic books have been a top-selling comic book brand since their debut. 

Marvel Comics continues to be the largest publisher of comics. Marvel's history dates back to October 1939, when Martin Goodman asked Lloyd Jacquet's firm to publish the first Marvel comic book. Marvel Comics #1 was the title of the book. You can read marvel comics online (also known as ‘lees marvel comic online’ in Dutch language).

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Marvel's experiment with comics was a success, particularly the popularity of the first superhero, Human Torch. In 1941, Marvel introduced Captain America, its second superhero. World War II ended what was known as the "Golden Age," of comic books. 

Marvel Comics responded quickly to the decline in popularity of superhero books featuring characters like Captain America by introducing a new line of comic books that are based on characters like Super Rabbit. The Vietnam War brought back interest in comic superheroes. Marvel created four new superheroes to team up with as "The Fantastic Four", in their eponymous Marvel comic book. 

Marvel continued the story with more characters, including Iron Man, Ant-Man and Hulk as well as Spider-Man. These characters have been ingrained in the minds of many Hollywood blockbusters and are still cherished by generations of teens. Marvel comics are both educational and entertaining. Many educators encouraged students to use these comics because of this technique.


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