Most Common Causes of Residential Water Damage

Water is vital to having a functional and comfortable home! Whether preparing your meals, watering the lawn, or taking a bath, water is essential in most household tasks. Indeed, every home needs water to have a happy home life.

Although water is vital for many purposes, it is also true that water can flow in the wrong places, flooding your home is another matter. Flooding and water damage are serious problems that should be addressed immediately.

Water Damage:

A burst pipe, fire, mold, and flooding are all top concerns homeowners should avoid. Water can be pleasant when it flows through the right channels. However, if it is causing damage to your home, it can lead to an expensive headache.

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Finding the Cause

You can prevent water damage from becoming more severe to your home and avoid costly repairs. Knowing what can cause water damage in your home will help you avoid any future water problems.

These are the most common causes of flooding or water damage.

Broken Pipes

Water leaks are not to be underestimated, no matter how small they may seem. You never know when it could indicate a serious flooding problem. You don't want to have to do extensive and expensive water damage repair. Be cautious about any possible leaks and inspect your pipes. You should immediately contact a professional if you notice water leaking from your pipes.

Poor Drainage

Water must be able to flow freely through your drains to avoid flooding. Poor drainage can cause flooding in your home. Make sure you have professional plumbing inspections.

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