Prestressed Concrete, How Is It Manufactured And Its Benefits?

Concrete has a natural weakness when stress is applied to it; Prestressed concrete is one way to overcome this weakness. The prestressing process strengthens the concrete slab for architectural and structural use. 

This concrete is subjected to predetermined engineering stresses and is therefore capable of withstanding all the specific service loads applied to it during construction. You can also hire a concrete slab company online if you’re looking for professionals.

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Difference between a normal concrete beam and a prestressed concrete beam

Prestressed concrete is prestressed content with a high-strength tendon running through it, and therefore you can see that it has a slight bow, something that is not visible in ordinary concrete slabs. 

In this case, all the energy of the concrete slab comes from the high-strength steel that is placed inside the concrete; on the other hand, a concrete beam has to support its own weight. 

The result is that it cannot resist the pressure of the added loads, but a prestressed concrete beam has plenty of strength to resist the added loads, courtesy of the unit by the action of the highly tensile steel.

Benefits of prestressed concrete

The fact that such concrete slabs can withstand a high degree of load means that they are used on the floors of high-rise buildings. One of its high value benefits is that it is the main material used to build nuclear reactor containment vessels.

Construction companies prefer the use of this type of concrete not only because it can withstand a lot of stress, but also because it is not susceptible to cracking. 

Pre-stressing leads to thinner slabs, typically used in high-rise buildings, where reducing the thickness of floors will decrease the number of joints and lead to more floors; what is even more important is the reduction of construction costs. The latter is a huge benefit and is one of the main reasons for the popularity of these concrete beams.

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