Proper Leak Detection Of Roof

Determining the origin of a roof leak is the only way to fix it permanently. You can use the same systematic approach as a professional roof to identify the cause of a leak. Then you will be better equipped with the knowledge to make improvements. There are many companies like Waterrestoua that provide services for leak detection.

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There are several things that professionals look for to find out where a leak is coming from, starting with evidence found in a home.

The size and location of stains, cracks, and mold on ceilings or walls can give you important clues as to the type of leak. This evidence can tell you things like the size of the entry point, how long it has been, and whether the leak is currently active. You can learn this and more just by looking at the evidence in the house, asking questions, and knowing how the information is analyzed.

Expect stains on the ceiling if the leak is from the roof. Water stains are yellow or light brown, with the circumference defined by the darker stripe on the edge. The longer it is exposed to water, the darker the stain will be.

Recent leaks feel cold or damp to the touch and are not brittle. If the stained area is hard or brittle and cracked, it means the area has been wet and has dried up. This is a previous leak and may or may still not be active.


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