Reasons that lead to Accidents at Construction Sites

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According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) their report suggested that in 2012 around 4000 people lost their lives. From this number, 19.6% of deaths had accounted to the construction industry alone. Accidents in the construction site is a worrying situation because it leads to injuries and even death to a worker. Here are a few reasons to understand the reasons that leads to accidents at construction sites.

  1. When the Worker Falls – Many construction workers are always working at risk especially when they working at a certain height. In fact, silly mistake can lead to falling down to the ground. For example; absence of guardrails can cause a worker to fall down from the stairwell.
  2. When the Worker gets Struck by Objects – In 20212, around 78 construction workers are known to have lost their lives after getting hit or struck from various objects. The best way to avoid this problem is by offering appropriate training to the workers on using the equipment properly.
  3. When the Worker gets Electrocuted – Around 66 construction workers lost their lives in the year 2012 due to electrocution. It is a problem that arises near power lines where the presence of such lines isn’t not observed by the workers.
  4. When the Worker uses Heavy Machines – Bulldozers, backhoe loaders, excavators are examples of heavy machines that require intense training sessions and knowledge to use them properly. Using wrong machine by the worker can lead to serious problems for the worker. Therefore, it is important to use the machine that the worker is trained accordingly.

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