Risk Assessment and Its Purpose

Risk assessment is the company's basis for the prevention of illness and accidents in the workplace. There are a number of good reasons for risk assessment.

Every year a number of people are injured at work. That is why laboratory & workplace risk assessment service is very important. This is a dynamic method that organizations and companies can use to follow practical guidelines on risk management in the workplace.

Employers at work are committed to ensuring the health and safety of workers in all aspects of work. The purpose of risk assessment is to give employers the opportunity to take decisive steps to protect the health and safety of workers.

These steps include providing training and information for workers, preventing work risks and means to implement much needed actions.

While one of the main objectives of risk assessment is to avoid occupational risks, this may not always be possible in practice. If it is not possible to eliminate such risks, risks must be reduced and residual risks examined.

At a later stage, this type of residual risk will be re-evaluated as part of the review program and the possibility to eliminate this risk, perhaps based on new knowledge, can be reconsidered.

Risk assessments must be structured and implemented in a way that helps entrepreneurs:

Identification of hazards that arise during work and hazard assessment related to hazards to determine measures to protect the health and safety of workers taking into account legal requirements

Risk assessment for the selection of work equipment, preparations or chemicals used, work organization and work equipment

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