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Things You Should Know About 3-MMC

3-methyl methcathinone (3-MMC) is a new synthetic analog of cathinone that has recently been associated with toxicity events in entertainment buffs. 

The effect of 3-MMC on complete blood count, biochemistry, feed intake, and body weight was examined. You can also buy 3MMC through various online sites.

The lack of pharmacological data for 3-MMC prompted us to investigate its pharmacokinetic profile as well as its effects on feeding behavior, weight gain, and serum biochemistry. 

3MMC is a hazardous research chemical and has several health risks associated with it. It is highly recommended to take all precautions when using 3MMC for research purposes. This way, any research project you do with 3MMC will be a lot of fun. 

For those taking 3MMC in high doses or for recreational purposes, caution should be exercised and minimal doses are taken to avoid poisoning or side effects.

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