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How to Set Up Your Audio Visual Tradeshow Booth?

Your tradeshow booth is your stage. It is your first impression and your welcome sign. To decorate your booth an easy cost-effective way is renting audiovisual equipment. Yet Sometimes even when you have impressive audiovisual equipment, such as a Plasma Display, or a flashy Internet Kiosk, it is still a task to keep the booth uncluttered and eye-catching.

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Here we've outlined some tips on how to make your booth eye-popping and capturing, so at the very least you get a double-take, if not plenty of visitors to your booth.

1. Logo and Branding:

To be remembered have your company name and company product information bluntly exposed on the Plasma screen or use branding stickers on your Kiosk. Use color and moveable video and photo walls to give your booth a fast pace serious vibe.

2. Positioning:

It is best to know what way traffic is moving throughout the tradeshow in order to position your equipment against the back wall, on the sidewalls, or right in the front of your booth. Even with the latest technology inside your booth if it is not seen it is almost like you aren't even there.

3. Do a Practice Run:

Try out all the touch screens and video walls or photo walls and check to see that the speakers running as you wish; check twice to be sure the CD or PowerPoint presentation is easy to use too, so that if someone has a question about the display you know the answer right away.