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Dedusting & Polishing in Capsule Manufacturing

Each year the capsules become smoother. With a wide variety of capsules available – such as hard and soft gelatin capsules, enteric coated capsules, long release capsules, and rectal capsules – pharmaceutical manufacturers need not only to select the type of capsule that will provide the most beneficial supply of their drug, but also follow best practices for the shipping method.

Capsules are the method of choice for materials which because of their inherent properties (powders that cannot be compressed well, certain granules or pellets, mini tabs, etc.) cannot be compressed into tablets. You can also look for capsule filling & loader machines.

What are the benefits of giving medicines via capsules?

  • Standard size and shape.
  • The formulation is simpler than that of tablets, where the relationship between the hardness and dissolution of the tablet must be balanced.
  • Allows the combination of several dosage forms in one capsule (eg pellets plus Minitab plus powder).

The application programming interface (API) must be able to flow through a measuring disc with a capsule style filler or a dispenser style capsule filler in order to be pipetable. If not, the API may need to be granulated or coated on pellets.

Polishing capsules are often an afterthought. Most development laboratories operate on a small scale so they don't have a full-size buffing machine and they place the capsules on a colander and scrub them with a handbrush. Therefore, it is difficult to reproduce the real polishing process at 3000 capsules per minute with the remaining powder coated capsules.