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The KBO Breeze Is A Cheap Commuter Electric Bike

The KBO Breeze is a $1500 commuter electric bike that can be purchased online. It comes equipped with 2.4 inch wide tires paired up to a front suspension fork, which makes for a plush ride on a daily commute. The KBO Breeze also has fenders to prevent water from kicking up on you if you splash through a puddle on your electric bike. While the official company websites claim you can get over 60 miles of range with the KBO Breeze, you’ll probably end up getting more like 35 to 45 depending on how much you weigh and how fast you ride. The 500 W motor comes in hub form mounted to the rear wheel.

This moderately sized motor will not provide you with thrilling acceleration, but it will bring you up to speeds of 22 mph under throttle only, and also pedal assist. The KBO Breeze comes in stock form with five levels of pedal assist, and a twist throttle on the right hand grip. Riders can choose to use either form to get assistance from the motor. The KBO Breeze is a good option for commuters because it has all of the goodies you need to keep you comfortable, as well as a large battery, and a sufficiently sized motor. Considering this electric bike cost less than $1500 you can expect it’s not a perfect bike, but according to trusted KBO Breeze review reviews it is more than acceptable.