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Related Facts Of Dyslexia

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a childhood neurological disorder due to which child suffers from difficulty to learn and read and inability to interpret the letters in their respective sounds. 

In this disease, the child is confronted with the difficulty of understanding new things. It is necessary that time can seize ways to solve a problem. You can even learn more about dyslexia from the best online programs for dyslexia via https://dyslexiachampion.com/.

Although it is a serious problem because of the difficulty of reading the retarders behind the career of a child; However, there may be areas in which these children make better performance. 

It is also called development disorder. Short-term memory loss, Verbal communication difficulty, learning difficulty, and reading and names things quickly are the sign of dyslexia.

Types of dyslexia

There are different types of dyslexic diseases that can lead to learning and reading difficulties. These types are classified on the basis of the nature of the problem identified in the central nervous system.

Trauma Dyslexia – Children can have development dyslexia, that is, it develops at the early stage of life or you can say in the first year of birth or even at the time of birth. 

However, Dyslexia trauma develops as a result of brain injury during an accident or stroke. This only happens when there is a serious head injury. We only see in accidental cases. 

This is the case when dyslexia is acquired by an accidental incident, which is why it is also called dyslexia acquired.

Primary dyslexia – Our brain is divided into two parts, that is to say, the left and right hemispheres. The left hemisphere helps us solve arithmetic problems, identifying numbers, find errors, calculations, and measurements. 

The dominant primary dyslexic victims generally on the right side of the brain. Therefore, they have difficulty reading and understanding things.