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What Are Disposable Coffee Cups?

It is unquestionably a positive thing that everyone talks about saving the earth today. While we will probably one day question why we felt that what we did in 2009 and 2010, was sufficient, it is good to see that green living is not something reserved for a small minority. Many businesses are changing their buying and selling habits in response to shifting environmental attitudes. 

Businesses that aren't concerned about saving money and only care about the bottom line are looking into green products. It's much cheaper to go green than ever before. Let's look at one small thing that many companies still neglect: disposable coffee cups. You can check out more about cups/plates archives at Ecoengros.

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Most fast-food restaurants use disposable coffee cups

Two main types of businesses that use disposable cups are restaurants and offices: Fast food restaurants have no other choice. You can't expect customers to return, you can use coffee cups so they can offer them drink in a cup that they will throw away. There will always be a demand for disposable coffee cups.

Why do offices that don't have visitors still use disposable coffee cups?

Even though offices don't have many visitors or see very often, some still offer disposable cups. It's not only costly but also wasteful. This would result in significant cost savings as disposable coffee cups can be thrown away.