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Two Ways Derma Roller Can Improve Hair Growth

Derma rollers are small rollers with tiny needle-enclosed cylinders and are usually between 0.5 and 3 mm long. This is the original acne scar healing tool in the dermatology field.

This process is believed to promote hair thickening and regrowth. In recent years, clinical studies of androgenic alopecia have shown impressive results after using a derma roller for hair loss for 12 weeks.  You can get more information about the best derma roller hair loss via https://www.thehairfuel.com/derma-roller-can-improve-hair-growth/

derma roller hair loss

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Dermaroller mechanics for hair growth

Derma rollers work in two ways: They not only increase the production of more collagen in the scalp and thus support the growth stage in the hair follicles, but also improve blood circulation.

The epidermis responds to the wound by sending more blood to the wound to heal. Hence, it is highly recommended that the solution be applied following your regular dermis procedure. On the scalp, you can apply peppermint oil as it is superior to minoxidil in promoting hair growth and hair restoration.

When a derma roller is used on the skin to support complexion and heal acne scars, followed by a skin serum, it can improve serum performance and increase the penetration and absorption of active ingredients into your skin.

Choose a derma roller for hair growth

There are different types of derma rollers – depending on the size of the needle, the material for which the needle is made, and the mechanism of the tool.