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Versions Of Electrical Wire

There are a variety of different kinds of wires for electrical use. Every type of wire is suitable for a specific task. 

The wires also come with different types of insulation and protection. This is what makes each wire ideal for a specific application. If you also want to buy 14 gauge copper wire then you can visit baboombaboom.com/14-gauge.

Electrical Wires

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There's THHN and the wires called TFFN, which are identical. There are also two NM-B wires, Romex wires as well as those that are the MC Conduit cable. These wires are suitable for indoor electrical work, and some can also be used outdoors and even in conduit.

The names of both wires are abbreviations. TFFN is a term used to describe thermoplastic insulation. A flexible fixture as well as nylon coated. The THHN is thermoplastic insulation, heat-resistant, high heat resistance as well as nylon coated. 

Also, certain THHN wires can be found in the oil, gas, and water-resistant type and you'll have the THWN wire. They are all pure copper conductors and are suitable for use indoors and outdoors, in conduit.

Romex is the Southwire brand name for the NM-B Cable. It is now the NM signifies non-metallic. This is because instead of the wire being enclosed within a metallic jacket. The NM-B cable is encased in a PVC jacket that surrounds the many conductors it carries. 

This particular version of wire can only be utilized inside. The wire doesn't have enough protection to be used outdoors. The most popular usage of this kind of wire is inside the construction of buildings and homes which connect electric boxes, outlets lighting, and appliances.