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High Pressure Misting And Fogging Systems

There is a new way to protect against germs is to get the dry fogging system in your surroundings. These new types of systems offer the owner a system that will last for many years and it is virtually trouble-free. They work great no matter if you use them inside or outside.

Dry fogging is a chemical sprinkled on surfaces or subjects to kill germs existing on it. It is significant to know that disinfectants do not abolish every kind of bacteria. To know more about dry fogging visit http://airegenix.com/.

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The powerful additive in the disinfectant destroy their cell walls or disturb the metabolism of the germs. The most popular areas disinfectants include dental surgeries, hospitals, doctor's rooms, labs, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, and bathrooms.

The perfect spray should be able to kill or deactivate all types of bacteria and viruses. The spray should be inexpensive, no- harmful to humans, and non-corrosive. The most important aspect though is the efficacy of the disinfectant, the perfect one will kill all bacteria in a short period.

By killing the bacteria it prevents it from evolving and multiplying in numbers that are resistant to the original chemicals used in the kill attempt. Alcohols are often used in disinfectant spray the alcohol acts as a drying agent that dehydrates the microorganisms killing them. Alcohols are non-corrosive, protecting laminate surfaces, etc, but sadly it also poses a fire hazard if it does not evaporate fast enough.