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Most Popular Chinese Style Food

Food is an integral element of life for Chinese people. Chinese do not just love eating but believe that good food can bring harmony and love to families and close relationships. Daily shopping for fresh produce is vital for anyone who cooks Chinese cooking. Unlike the fast-food culture, Chinese people choose fresh fish, fresh meats, and seasonal vegetables and fruits from local markets to ensure freshness. You can also get frozen dumping at online stores.


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Chinese people generally are less concerned with diet than people in Western culture. They are more focused on the texture, taste, and aroma. These are the essential elements for good Chinese cooking. Chinese daily meals are comprised of four food categories: vegetables, grains fruit, meat, and vegetables. Due to lactose intolerance, the Chinese are not consuming large quantities of dairy-based products. 

Instead, the Chinese substitute these with tofu and soymilk, which also have large quantities of calcium and protein. Fruits, vegetables, and even meats are generally fresh. There are some exceptions, such as preserved vegetables, such as mustard greens, snow cabbage preserved eggs, also known as "thousand years older eggs" or dried and salted fish. 

Other examples include snacks like beef jerky cuttlefish Jerky, sweet and sour preserved plums, or mango slices dehydrated. Western desserts like cakes, cookies, pies, and ice creams are consumed only for special occasions, such as weddings and birthdays. After dinner, families typically have a dessert of seasonal fruit. Chinese desserts like red bean soup sweet white lotus seeds soup steamed papaya are enjoyed frequently as a dessert on a hot summer night.