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Making melted art glass jewelry at home using a glass melting furnace

With skills that are easy to learn, many people make art glass jewelry merge at home. Combined glass art jewelry has grown in popularity in recent years, the supply of fuses, equipment, and class has grown rapidly as more and more people are aware of the beauty of molten glass art.

The casting is carried out in a hot electric glass melting furnace where the pieces of glass are heated until they soften and melt into one. If you are looking for glass firing furnaces you can browse https://www.artglasssupplies.com/olympic-kilns

The glass is first cut to form and placed in a melting furnace, then the melting temperature is adjusted and the parts are fused as the furnace goes through its melting and cooling cycle.

The glass can be fused next to each other or stacked and combined or combined in other ways. Glass fuse molds can be used to produce beautiful finished parts.

Being able to mix and handle colored fusible glass pieces in an electric oven for your personal design is very satisfying.

There's nothing like the excitement and sense of accomplishment when removing your first cut from your oven.

You can make art glass pendants, attached crystal earrings, bangles, crystal beads and many other attached crystal jewelry items.

There are several manufacturers of fuse products available on the market in a variety of colors, textures, and styles; Also available color stringer, stem, fractions, powder and various levels of broken glass called frits.