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Hot Tar Burns in Roofing

Are you in need of hot tar roofing repair? Then this guide is for you, as it will give you a little idea of how hot tar roofing is done. 

If you are searching for hot tar & gravel roofing you need to get testimonials and references from satisfied customers before employing them.

Anybody who has been at a shopping center knows whenever the roof being re-done there is the odor of hot tar and tar paper. This sort of roof is put by using fiberglass or cotton mops to employ the first coat of liquid, hot tar. 

After this is completed, more pitch is put on the pitch paper to make a leak-proof roof system. Usually, 100-pound cartons or kegs tar is put in it after this process is done. 


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It may be heated and hauled using a tanker truck into the job site in liquid form or it may be chopped into manageable bits and fed to some heating kettle for melting and utilize at the work website. The hardest aspect of the whole procedure is getting the tar from the floor to the roof.

Oftentimes, a business will use a pump to move the pitch in the pot or tanker on the floor to lugger on the roofing. Many businesses, however, don't have pumps and luggers but rather rely on ladders and pliers to transfer the pitch into the roof.