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All You Need To Know About Jamaica’s Underwater Wonders

What is so special about Jamaica cruise ship? Jamaica, masked in glory definite pure beauty itself, is a true gem of the Caribbean Sea. Its long white quiet beach set on the backdrop of the Blue Mountains and sky sunlit attracting over one million visitors each year; more than half of the total visitors to the Caribbean.

A good proportion of the tourists use the yacht to reach its shores. There are many cruises to Jamaica, catering to different tourist segments from luxury to budget. These cruises have proven to be quite popular among tourists because they provide a unique voyaging experience with all their top class service and luxurious facilities. You can even get to know about  Jamaica transportation services via Montego Bay Airport Transfers.

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Depending on the type of cruise experience you are looking for you can choose different cruise ships,. Three main port where cruise ships can dock the Jamaica Montego Bay, Port Antonio or Ocho Rios. Ocho Rio is by far the largest and busiest and probably the most tourist friendly.

The city center is only about a 10 minute walk from where the ships docked. Montego Bay is the second largest port city. Here you will find a variety of restaurants and bars as well as the famous Doctor Cave Beach, which is known far and wide for mineral springs that many say has healing powers. Port Antonio is the smallest and most romantic of all the considerable environmental and idyllic setting.

Winter is the period between December and March end is the busiest season for cruises to Jamaica. This is partly due to its appeal as a sunny destination even during the winter months which makes the tourists from the North flock to Jamaica.