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Kidney Transplant Rejection Details

As you already know, kidney transplant surgery is required to place a healthy kidney in the body of a patient suffering from end-stage renal disease. This operation is performed on people whose kidneys have failed.

Therefore, patients need to get a new kidney from a donor to carry out the important tasks performed by the kidneys. Unfortunately, kidney transplant rejection sometimes occurs because of one of the reasons that failed.

Kidney Transplant Rejection Details

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What causes kidney transplant rejection?

Rejection is usually due to the action of the immune system. The immune system is the body's defense mechanism against harmful foreign substances such as bacteria, cancer cells, and toxins.

Hence, if the antigens of the donor's kidneys do not match the antigens of the donor-recipient, the immune system recognizes the kidney as a foreign substance and sends antibodies to attack "attack the kidneys".

No one person has the same antigens with antigens other people expect for identical twins. Therefore, the body will always send antibodies to attack antigens in tissue from the kidney transplant if not identical twins.

To overcome mechanisms of the immune defense system against the antigen in kidney transplants, doctors use drugs that are responsible for suppressing the immune system.

They also try to ensure that the transplants performed between those antigens correspond as closely as possible. They used a test known as HLA typing to try to ensure a close antigenic match.