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Hummus As A Main Ingredient In The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is known to be very nutritious and effective in terms of healthy eating. Fish, vegetables, cheese, olives, and hummus are the main ingredients of this diet. You can eat hummus with a large variety of foods as it is known to be popular in the Mediterranean diet.

The most expensive way to purchase hummus is to obtain a packaged container at your local grocery store. An inexpensive way to purchase hummus is to purchase chickpeas that have been dried or at a bulk store. These chickpeas will have to be hydrated but it will allow you to add the spices you prefer in your hummus. Hummus is the most common ingredient in Mediterranean meals

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There are many great combinations of foods you can eat hummus with, and enjoy a few different foods and combinations that work well with it. Red, Green, Yellow, and orange bell pepper work great, Pita, falafel, cucumber also go well with hummus, Feta cheese, carrot sticks, black pitted olives, sliced tomatoes. 

You can use it as a spread on any kind of sandwich. Tacos can also be included with some hummus, you can spread the hummus on a soft taco then wrap around a hard taco. Grilled chicken and pita bread are also famous and many more. The number of food combinations for eating hummus is unlimited. 

Hummus also comes in a variety of tastes in the Mediterranean diet. If you decide to make your own hummus then it can be mild or spicy. The type and amount of olive oil you add to your hummus will also change the flavor and how moist it can be.  You can make many interesting and flavorful combinations with hummus.