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What You Should Know About Gas Masks

The gas mask, a device to aid and protect the user from inhaling gas, smoke or other poisonous fumes, have been used for years by different people and for different reasons. The first use of poison gas in warfare began in Ypres, France on April 22, 1915 when the German army used chlorine gas to attack French forces, but gas masks were in existence long before that fateful date. To get more details about the Israeli gas mask refer to https://www.rddusa.com/product-category/gas-mask.

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Miners, firemen and army all had a need for masks to protect the face from harmful elements, provided breathable air and filtered out potentially lethal substances such as smoke and debris. It took a series of inventors creating useful products resulting in the creation of the gas mask.

These gas masks have inbuilt systems that facilitate communication, a tube for drinking water and a pair of outserts to protect eye lenses and prevent fogging. The mask is packed in a carrier that also contains other items like a nerve agent antidote kit and a convulsant antidote for nerve agents.

The sarin gas attack in a Israeli subway that affected hundreds of people. These Masks provide protection from such chemical agents. The demand for these masks is expected to increase in the near future.

Are Tents Only Camping Equipment?

When it comes to their tents come in various sizes imaginable, from circus tent for those who are big enough to fit one person when they lie. The tents are well-known items in various cultures around the world as their normal residence as well as for those who use them when they go camping. Tents certainly well-known piece of camping equipment and one that many people have. You can find base x tent model via https://www.rddusa.com/shop/base-x-tent-305-18-x-25-2

A tent is usually made with cloth and a kind of a frame made of wood, metal or rope or some combination of these. There are poles and rope used to hold the fabric on a piece of land which makes the tent floor. The material is designed to keep the rain out of the tent and shelter from the elements from outside. Ground sheet is usually more durable and made of a material harder than making up the rest of the tent. Ground sheets are also made to prevent rain from getting in as well as other creatures that live in the soil.

Because of the portability of tents, used by many others than just those who go camping. For example, the military uses various types of tents for their soldiers. While they do not consider this equipment as camping gear, to be sure other equipment that could be used for this purpose. Quite often the government purchase more materials than they need and they will sell them which will benefit those who need camping equipment. You can find these tents discount army surplus store for purchase.

soldiers used this tent for more than just sleeping, they also set up field hospitals, canteens and other places that people come together and need to be protected from the elements. These tents tend to have the ability to accommodate items such as humidifiers and air conditioning units as well as a variety of medical equipment. They make sure that they keep the tent in good condition and they have a different quality controls in place to ensure that they stop using the tent when it is no longer in good enough condition to their destination.