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Non-Violent Communication and Self Talk : Personal Development Growth

In the last few months, I have noticed a trend in my practice that revolves around issues of self-destruction and self-talk. This made me think about a workshop I went to years ago on non-violent communication.

This workshop explains how to practice non-violent communication, and benefit from it in the context of our relationships with others. I want to know what about non-violent communication and self-talk? If you are looking for more information about nonviolent communication visit https://awakenedmind.com/.

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Communication is often not well defined. Communication includes more than what we say. Communication also includes the mind, emotions, behaviors, attitudes, values, practices and needs.

We are all programmed in a certain way from infants upon ourselves and all aspects of life. We are told that certain thoughts, actions, attitudes, behaviors, emotions, needs, and values are good and others are bad. We were also taught to think that if we behave in a certain way we are good, and if we behave in other ways we are worse.

Unfortunately, this programming cannot put into use for our benefit. It is in the interests of the caregiver or serves some other function. When we become adults we continue to do this with our negative programming.

Changing it requires a conscious effort of programming and forming new habits. One of these habits is following the model laid out on non-violent communication.