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What do Microsoft Azure Certifications emphasize on IT Roles?

IT certifications play an important role in validating your skills. They serve as proof of your mastery of a particular technology and help potential employers recognize you as a valuable resource. 

Among the various certificates, Microsoft Azure certificates are often highlighted all over the world. The reason? The growing importance of cloud technology. Every day, companies are realizing the benefits of the cloud. If you’re planning to learn about AWS training quick book your seat.

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Microsoft is efficient, easy to understand, and offers scalable resources immediately. It also offers consistent and predictable performance, strategic competitive advantage with greater flexibility, and job security.

More than 300,000 companies migrate to the cloud every year. Such expansion means there is an increasing demand for trained and certified Azure professionals who can fill a wide range of IT roles. 

Microsoft certifications play an important role in enhancing the skills of IT professionals who want to work in the cloud. Over the last year and first half of 2019, Microsoft has changed its approach, renewing its certificates and introducing role-based certificates.

Learn about Microsoft certificates that renew by role and how they emphasize different IT roles. We'll also find out how the Microsoft NetCom Learning course can be of great use to you.

Renewed role-based MS Azure certificate

Certification objectives are constantly evolving. Unlike traditional approaches that aim to validate your knowledge of a product or technology, certificates are now expected to validate the competencies required to fulfill a specific job role.

You will gain knowledge of specific jobs and roles.