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All About Auto Splitgate Override Switch

There are several products that fix the design flaws of the GMC Multipro and the Chevrolet MultiFlex tailgate. First is the split gate switch button. 

This switch prevents damage that occurs when you lower the tailgate (middle door) with the tiller to the receiver. You can also look for the best split-gate override switch through various online sources.

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There are two models in ONE SIZE – ALL: Auto Engage and Manual Engage. Auto Engage takes all the thought out of the equation and allows you to drive a multipro tailgate hassle-free. 

In the manual indentation version, you can manually select when the middle door should be lowered. This is the perfect version for those who like to use decorative coverings. 

Be sure to check out many videos showing how the crash occurs and how the Splitgate override switch lock solves the problem! Next up is the Stop Load Locking System! 

This product secures the charging stop section on the tailgate so that your belongings do not slip out of bed while traveling. 

There are two models to match this tailgate: simple load stop lock and load stop lock for Kicker Sound System accessories. Both products were huge successes and can be purchased as a combination.

Here are some features of the auto split-gate override switch:

-Provides a solution to the problem of GMC and CHEVY tailgates when the tailgate fold downs too far and hits the ball causing damage.

-Simple installation with easy guidance for Manual Engage and Auto Engage versions.

-100% customer satisfaction guarantee !!