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Non Destructive Testing – NDT History And Applications

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is described as a group of processes used to test materials and equipment without damaging it at all.  Because of this, it is tremendously valuable for saving money and time within the business.  

The origins of NDT started in Hartford, Connecticut through 1854 when a boiler in Fales and Grey exploded injuring 70 individuals, 21 fatally.  You can also get hire the top NDT testing companies to visit http://k2energygroup.com/.

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This encouraged the state of Connecticut to pass a law requiring the annual inspection of boilers.  Though at this moment, only visually.  And thus the very first kind of non-destructive testing has been created (albeit in a really basic manner ).  

It was not until the 1920s if NDT actually began to get into full swing, using all the"Oil and Whiting" system being utilized by the railroad industry to check for cracks in heavy metal components.  

During the upcoming few decades, an eddy current is used to measure the material thickness and magnetic particle techniques and equipment are manufactured.  

Throughout the 50's that the Schmidt hammer (swiss hammer) was manufactured and acoustic emissions can also be developed, bringing us near a more recognizable type of NDT because we know it now.

Because you can see NDT uses principles like electromagnetism, radiation, and audio, in addition to the inherent qualities of these substances themselves to run evaluations and gain information.

On account of the properties of every substance and technique, frequently various levels of data are gleaned from every method, with this reason methods are frequently utilized subsequently to create first an overall image, then to drill down on specific defects to acquire more precise dimensions.