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Finding the Right Photographer for Your Newborn Baby

Newborn photography is one of the hottest topics in the world of photography. It is the ever-growing trend among both new mothers and photographers. There are many well-known newborns and infants photographers with their work being published, and newer photographers desiring to achieve the same shots, poses, etc; sometimes at the request of their clients and sometimes just for the challenge.

Though, with this, the myths of endangered or even harmed babies come in mind. Because we live in an on-line world, these stories spread like wildfire. This has been a good thing, with that there is more and more focus on educating new photographers on newborn safety. Some experienced photographers are seeking and receiving mentoring on the safety of newborn babies while others gave up and just shoot the older subjects to avoid risks.

Because there are so many people becoming photographers each month, there are still others that are new and taking risks unknowingly. Hopefully, they will gain the knowledge and expertise before the babies are harmed, but in the meantime, I want to highlight some helpful hints for new mothers, or pregnant women, who are looking for a photographer for their new loving baby. 


I first would like to advise new mothers to find their newborn photographer with caution. It will be one of the first, most likely a stranger, to handle your fragile newborns. Many consumers, hire based on price. While the budget is important to most of us and completely understandable in today's economy, you do not want to choose someone to handle your most precious, brand new baby, based on price alone.

Although this is not always the case, the lower price generally means less experience. You do not want to put your baby in harm just to save a few dollars. Make sure that you choose an experienced photographer who is confident in dealing with newborns, regardless of the fees they charge.