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Canada Immigration – Recent Trends In Numbers And Policy

Many countries are now taking fewer immigrants because of the economy but for Canada's decline, immigration remained stable. The projected figures for 2009 are between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents. Canada remains committed to its immigration program that balances the types of immigrants between economic, humanitarian, and family reunification. 

2008 was also a great year that invited a large number of immigrants to Canada. Many other immigrants came in the form of students or temporary workers, bringing the total to 519722. With the labor market with a strong demand for temporary foreign workers, many responded to the needs of employers. After getting the permanent residence over there you can also bring your whole family to Canada to live with you.

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However, Canada has somewhat tightened its immigration policy because of the recession. These restrictions are to try to increase immigrants in certain industries, but with only so many positions available, which limits those who do not meet the requirements. The Action Plan for Faster Immigration has 38 high-demand occupations such as health, skilled trades, and finance. If an immigrant does not fall into this category have an offer with an employer, or already living in Canada, immigration will be limited. 

The creation of a new category of immigrants experiences also opened to workers and students who wish to immigrate to Canada. This is a new way for temporary foreign workers and graduates advanced degrees to enter the country or stay after completing their studies or working hours, for permanent residence. It allows Canada the time an applicant to be a key factor in determining their immigration application process. The hope is to remain competitive to attract and retain qualified personnel.