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Best Travel Destination In Japan

Okinawa is the birthplace of Karate. It contains a 1000-kilometer-long chain of hundreds of Ryukyu Islands. Despite the controversy surrounding the U.S. military bases scattered throughout the islands, there are many things to do in the region. 

The sandy beaches and stunning coral reefs provide a relaxing vacation as well as exciting and adventurous water sports. SpotTree is introducing spots on the main island and remote islands of Okinawa so that you can enjoy the beauty of Okinawa to the fullest.


The home of the Ryukyuan is Okinawa. Traditions and customs reflect influences from Austronesian, Thai, and Chinese cultures. Karate, a cultural gift that is well-known worldwide, was originally developed in the Ryuku Islands.

The Eisa dance reflects the joy and frolic of the culture. Okinawans don't follow Buddhism as do most Japanese. They have their own religious beliefs, believe in ancestor worship, and are dedicated to the gods of the natural world.

The Okinawan diet has very few calories. Okinawa has one of the highest levels of life expectancy in the world due to its nutrient-rich food, genetic inheritance, and environmental factors. A traditional diet includes a lot of green and yellow veggies. 

The main ingredient is sweet potato. Other popular specialties include Okinawa Soba (buckwheat noodles), mango, and a bitter version called Goya. Okinawans also eat small amounts of fish. You will experience tastes that are very different from what you would find in Japanese cuisine.