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Online Guitar Education Options

Training is available from a number of accredited online schools for those looking to receive an education in guitar playing. Students can learn from an online guitar program to learn to enjoy or earn a certificate or degree in the field of performing arts. You can also browse to https://continuousmusic.com.au/ for online guitar education.

For those wanting to learn to play the guitar, the online course will cover various fields of study such as strings, finger lifting, music reading, and more. Students will be able to learn many techniques that can be used for career or personal use.

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With online guitar education options, students can pursue a variety of certificates. Certificate programs are available at a master, professional, and specialist level of study.

There are a variety of online schools that provide students with the opportunity to obtain a specialist certificate in guitar. A certificate at this level can typically take nine credit hours to complete.

Various online educational programs allow students to train for a professional certificate in guitar, which takes 15-course credits to complete. A professional certificate will train students in rock guitar, basic guitar, and rock rhythm, and blues guitar.

Online guitar programs offer various training opportunities for students who wish to enter into a career playing the guitar. The Master's Certificate in Guitar may take approximately 24 credit hours to complete an online program. A master certificate will train students in areas such as songwriting, production, technique, scales and strings, melodies, harmonies, and more.

Students can choose to focus on production and guitar, basic guitar, or songwriting and guitar depending on their goals. Training at this level will give students the skills to work as a private guitar tutor, musician, or other professionals in this field.