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How to Get Cold Patch Asphalt to Cure Faster

One of the most cost-effective and convenient methods for small asphalt repair projects is to use a cold mix. Many homeowners will tell you that this approach saves money and can reduce labor, making it a great solution for potholes, sidewalks, streets, and alleys. For more details regarding cold mix asphalt, you can simply visit https://www.ezstreetasphalt.com.au.

Read on for some great tips on how to reduce the time it takes to cure cold asphalt mixes and drastically reduce work time from start to finish.

Easy to Use: The main reason this product is the first choice for repairing small holes in asphalt pavement is its ease of installation. There is no long and tedious process of preparing or mixing ingredients. 

Use Grave: You can use gravel to create a denser space in the hole, which can help build lasting strength. Gradually fill the hole with gravel while using your compactor to compact the gravel with each layer. Don't fill the hole all the way to the top; Be sure to leave 2 inches of space below the surface line for your chilled mixture.

Pour your Mix: When pouring your mixture, exceed the surface line by half an inch. This means your mix should be inches above the top of the hole. Then use your compactor to compress your material until it is properly aligned. You may have to repeat this step two or three times to get the filling just right.