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Tips to Know Before Getting Screen Printing

Screen printing/silk screening are two of the most challenging artistic endeavors today. To print your image on your chosen medium, screen printing requires a screen that is secured in an aluminum frame or wooden frame. You can find these new trending and unique designs easily with just one click on the website page.

A screen printing press and stencil are also required. Screen printing setups can cost thousands of dollars, including all the chemicals and inks required. However, there are many ways to screenprint at home for a fraction of that price.

Screen printing is a process that involves printing on a variety of materials. The screens are the first. Screens are made up of fabric mesh stretched on aluminum or wooden frame. 

The tighter the mesh is, the better the detail will appear on the print. You will need a stencil, made from film positive or transparent material like the ones used in school projectors. Also, you'll need a container with emulsion fluid and sensitizer fluid. 

You will also need a piece of glass to cover the frame, a piece of dark cloth (preferably black), and a 250-watt photo bulb lamp. To print your custom apparel, you will need gloves, water, either a garden hose or a sink.

There is a big difference between a great stencil design and a bad one when printed. Large areas of contrast such as vector images print well, while designs that have a lot more detail make it difficult to print.

 Remember that printing complex images and designs with a lot of detail is more costly and more difficult.