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LastRound is a Washable Alternative to Single Use Cotton Rounds

Following the introduction of Last Tissue and LastSwab to reduce waste, LastObjects launched its latest eco-friendly product, Last Round. With each discovery, LastObject uses different disposable products, and after the brand developed habitable alternatives to cotton swabs and paper towels, the brand added disposable cotton hoops.

Reusable cotton rings are made from 70% wood fiber and 30% organic cotton. The best reusable cotton rounds are useful for removing makeup' and for applying skincare products like serums. Washable and reusable rings are easy to store and carry on the go, especially when packaged in a bio-based container.

Made from recycled marine plastic, this LastSound Zero Waste helps reduce pollution.

Design: Sustainability, quality, and durability are at the core of our product designs to make sure you can use LastSRound thousands of times.

It travels effortlessly – always for you:

Functional and portable, you can take LastSound with you wherever you go! You never know when you need it.

Frequent Makeup Removal:

The last round is an alternative to reusable cotton pads and rings. They're made of fabric that changes shape and feels like regular cotton rings when wet. Use it to delay makeup, or just to clean your face and enjoy a very light complexion.

Easy to clean and reuse:

Rinse the used LastRounds underwater or machine washes at 140°F/60°C in our laundry bag. Note: Let the LastRound dry before putting it back in the case! Use each LastRound up to 1750 times and protect the environment.