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Get To Know About Pedestrian Injury

Pedestrians who have been hit by cars, trucks or buses are becoming increasingly fatal and injured are non-fatal across the country. You can now be safe from pedestrian injury with Endurablend – traffic calming road markings. Still, there is a danger to them is in many ways such as:-

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1. Is affected while walking on the sidewalk, crossing the street, on the sidewalk, or walking behind an additional vehicle or jeep;

2. Too many drivers are waiting their turn. Just focus on traffic that anticipates a correction and you won't see pedestrians walking on the crossing from any other direction.

3. Drivers trying to enter or exit a parking lot will not see pedestrians on the sidewalk.

4. The driver supporting his car does not see the pedestrian behind him. and

5. Drivers helping in a jeep or car cannot see a child behind them in their field of vision.

Although most people are aware of this danger, the statistics are actually quite shocking. The Road Safety Insurance Institute reports that pedestrians account for 11% of motor vehicle deaths, making it the second largest category of vehicle deaths.

If the driver of the car, truck or bus is responsible for the accident, he is liable to the pedestrian or his property if the death has occurred. Injured pedestrians are entitled to compensation for mental and physical pain and suffering, scarring, disabilities, road rashes, discomfort, loss of joie de vivre, and medical expenses incurred and likely to arise in the future.