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Choosing The Best Swimming Pool Cover

Did you know that swimming pool covers perform double duty – they keep your pool free of leaves and debris and help your pool retain heat.

Because swimming pools consume a lot of energy, it's important to be diligent with pool cover usage especially if you want to keep control of your electric bill. In addition to saving money on your household budget, using a electric swimming pool covers helps make you more environmentally responsible.

Swimming pools lose heat in myriad ways but the largest cause of energy loss is through evaporation and the process by which water evaporates is what uses the most energy.

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To heat water by only one degree, it takes 1 BTU per pound of water – for each pound of water that evaporates, however, from an 80 degree Fahrenheit pool, you lose 1,048 BTUs of heat – and that really adds up! Pool covers help you save both energy and water by reducing the rate at which water evaporates.

By covering the pool when it's not in use, you significantly reduce the amount of energy required to keep the pool at a swim-friendly temperature. With proper pool cover use you could save up to 50% on your heating bill (from the amount having a pool has added to your home's original electric usage).

There are many different styles of pool covers to choose from but if you want to go really low-tech, a large, thick plastic sheet can be used. It's not the best option because it's not easy to put on, take off or store. In a pinch, you could use one but for the long term, it's not the best choice. You can buy a cover on the internet, from most any pool supply store or your pool maintenance professional might even have access to them.

There are myriad styles, sizes, and materials available as well as options for retraction and storage of the cover. Very popular for a variety of reasons are solar covers. They are sometimes called bubble covers and are made of durable, high-grade plastic and UV inhibitors.

Different Types of Pool Covers

There are numerous pool cover accessories that may assist the cover to work more efficiently. Other significant objects such as bricks or baskets shouldn’t be utilized as a substitute for your own water tote since these can scratch and fray the top layer of the cover.

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1. Mesh Covers-┬áThese are similar to finer nets that perform a good job in filtering most debris like dry leaves, fallen branches, and tiny rocks. Water can still pass through it. This is great as it means that water won’t collect on it, but it may also be bad as it usually means that microscopic soil particles will still get in the pool.

2. Strong Pool Covers– Unlike net covers fully blocks out any debris or dirt – even water, so maintaining your pool a whole lot cleaner. A drawback to this is the rainwater, together with some debris will collect on the pay. This may weigh down and harm the cover.

It’s likewise strong like strong pool covers just that it’s more durable so it may resist the harsh conditions of winter. For pool covers to work effectively, it should be installed and fastened properly in your pool. An improperly installed cover may sag and fall in the pool or may get ignored or damaged by strong winds.

Faithfully follow the documentation and guidelines which producers provide with their merchandise. If one isn’t supplied, study on the internet.

Benefits of Buying Pool Covers

When having a pool installed in the courtyard, some people are too focused on fun activities and forget the pool maintenance. In order to use your pool year-round, you can use swimming pool covers. There are many companies such as Pool Enclosures, Retractable Roofs & Automatic Pool Covers provide the best automated retractable pool cover system.

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Automatic Pool Cover is the only fully automated retractable pool cover system in the world that covers and uncovers your pool. They are completely hands-free, trackless and self-retracting. They require no manual cranking, strings, tethers or cables. 

Investing in an automatic pool cover helps reduce energy consumption, you enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Conserve water and cut down on costly chemicals and other resources needed to clean and maintain your pool. 
  • Automatic Pool Covers help keep the heat inside your pool and drastically reduce the need for constant heating. 
  • It also helps keep your pool clean, so less energy is needed for chemicals, equipment, and filters. Keeping your pool covered significantly reduces water loss due to evaporation. This way, you won’t need to worry about water waste.
  • To ensure durability and longevity, our Automatic Pool Covers are housed in a weatherproof, protective case that shields electronic components such as circuit boards and motors from inclement weather. 
  • Pool Cover System is specifically designed for the outdoor environment and is capable of withstanding conditions such as rain, wind, and snow Our covers require no additional ropes or strings that may be susceptible to wear or breakage over time.

Tips on Pool Covers in Windy Areas

Summer is over. You get ready to cover your pool. This year is different. You've just bought a new pool cover because the old one was destroyed by wind, rain and other elements.

Using a pool cover in an area where wind and other elements of a strong challenge. Your pool cover is there to protect your pool. You need to protect the cover to secure the right in the pool so the wind will not take it. You can buy pool covers from Covers in Play

Top-Ground Pool Covers

To secure the cover pool in the pool above ground, make sure the cable and winch attached to the cover pool secure and tight. A damaged cable and winch can break and release.

Then the wind can easily blow the cover off. If the cable and winch is old, replace it. For added protection the pool, using the pool along the pool fence clips to hold the pool cover tightly in place.

Also, place sandbags or coffee cans filled with sand around the edge of the pool on the ground to assist with holding the bottom of the pool cover.

If you are concerned about the appearance or sandbags or coffee cans around your pool, just put them around the edge of the pool when an approaching storm or weather reports warned of a storm coming.

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If sandbags or coffee cans filled with sand is not an option, put the cover pool in the pool above ground and fill the top with 200 to 300 gallons of water. It is about 10 minutes worth of water from your water hose. water will spread and keep the cover in place.

In-Ground Pool Covers

In the pool cover is slightly easier to install because you do not have a cable and winch. To secure the cover, put some sandbags or coffee cans filled with sand around the edge of the pool to help to hold the cover in place.

Make sure you have enough sandbags or coffee cans filled with sand to cover the entire perimeter of the pool cover.