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Popular Top 5 Tamil TV Channels

Tamils are proud of their heritage and equally proud of their language and entertainment. The Tamil channel produces some of the best content in the country which is a favourite of all Tamils around the world.

The TV series, shows and films broadcast on this channel are very popular among Tamils. You can also get information on the best top 10 Tamil songs on various sites on the internet. 

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While there are many channels with a wide variety of content, only a few offer much better content overall. This channel has the highest consistency and is adored by Tamil audiences for their programming. 

Let's have a look at the top 5 channels in this Tamil Nadu.


Sun TV was founded by Kalanidhi Maran and is the oldest and most visited Tamil broadcaster in India. Sun TV has many series which are followed by Tamil households.

Vijay Star

Star Vijay, better known as Vijay TV, is owned by Star India and is another highly rated Tamil broadcaster. Star Vijay channel has ushered Tamil people into a new era of reality TV shows with dancing/singing competitions and more.

Putia Talaymaray

Puthiya Thalaimarai is a news channel that forms the basis of the entire Tamil population. This channel is known as the fastest news provider and is widely recognized as one of the best moderators for accurate and unbiased news.

From Tamizh

Launched in 2004, this channel is one of the most popular Tamil TV channels and features the best Tamil TV series and shows. Zee Tamizh presents various series such as Junior Superstars, Zee Dance League, Konjam Coffee Niraya Cinema, Chutti Champions,  Weekend with Stars and others.

Jaya TV

Jaya TV is another Tamil channel that records a high number of followers for its shows and series. The broadcaster presents some of the top rated television programs in Tamil. Jaya TV contains serials, shows, but is famous for its classic movies and songs.