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Importance of Video Sales Letter

A video sales letter (VSL) is a modern version of a traditional sales letter. In the era of videos, smartphones, and short attention span, the average person is less likely to read, especially if the content tries to sell something.

Here, in stop timer, most of our customers are digital agents and we see a video sales letter more widely used by agents as an effective main generation strategy. You can also use a video sales letter for your business. Contact animation companies such as www.myevideo.com/video-sales-letter to create a video sales letter that is unique for your business.

Research reveals that more than a third of people spend a little three seconds or less scanning emails to determine whether they need further attention. While it sounds worrying, it might not be surprising if you think about your own use of the web and email.  Users scan, they don’t read. These days, videos are generally the highest-performance media type (compared to plain text or static images).

Social media channels like Facebook and video content up-weight video content in their News Feeds because the video is inherently engaging. We’re more likely to stop and watch a video than we are to stop and read text. There are several different video styles that you can use for your VSL – there is no right or wrong way to do it. Instead what you have to do is test various VSL styles to determine what is most suitable for your product/service.